Purpose clause

      1 Direct democracy

      2 Remove obstacles

      3 Introduce a ban                  on Islam

      4 Reintroduce the state church

      5 Vote equally with the people

      6 The purpose clause must be fixed



Welcome to the Republicans

            Election program



1 We will Remove all toll rings

2 We will remove all CO2 taxes

3 We want to remove VAT from Norwegian food

4 We want to stop contributions to dictatorships

5 We want to restore Norwegian independence

6 We want to take back Norges Bank and the Financial Supervisory Authority

7 We will introduce a ban on Islam

8 We want to increase Norway's degree of self-sufficiency

9 We want to ensure freedom of expression

10 We want to provide Norwegian households with electricity at cost price

Ikon bekreftet av brukerfellesskapet


Direct Democracy
• We will introduce direct democracy based on the model of Switzerland.

• Because Switzerland is the world's only country with direct democracy today. And because the direct democracy of the Swiss has proven itself to be functional, stable and lasting for 172 years already.

• And then it is important to understand, Switzerland has political parties that lead discussions in the political issues.

• They have a parliament that adopts politics and governance

• They have a government that performs political control

• And they have a president as the country's face to other states.

• The Swiss exercise their direct democracy in that the people at any time and in any matter, may demand legally binding referendums, at any time in the processing of the current case

• The people can also demand a legally binding referendum on issues that are not on the political agenda.

• All changes in the legislation must be subject to legally binding referendums.

•Just as important. All cantons have a limited veto. We believe our counties can stand as the cantons of Switzerland.

• The Swiss system of government has made them the richest people in the world.

• They have Europe's 3 highest wage levels

• They have the world's best health care and social security schemes

• They have an income tax from 5 to 16% - Lowest in Europe

• They have VAT from 2.5 to 8% - also the lowest in Europe

• And they have an annual toll of about NOK 350

• The Swiss can do this without income from oil, gas, fishing and fish farming.

• With revenues from our enormous natural resources, Norway should be far above Switzerland.

• But Norway is in 12th place, with the lower half of the Swiss in average wealth.

• This must be due to our elite locking our values ​​out of the country. They plunder land and people

• Fees to the UN and EEA tower in this picture. But also support for some of the world's dictatorships.

• We do not believe that the people in a direct democracy would have allowed such use of our common value creation.


Support for Republicans
We need you,

your signature is important, to put the party to the election in 2025 we need 5000 handwritten signatures,

We have a program that we have coverage for, you wonder about any contact Jarle Solli

thanks for the support


The Republicans sign for approval in the Storting election 2025 according to the Party Act section 3-2

Click on the DUEN link and print out the Excel sheet, fill in and sign and send to the address below,

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other than a support for the party's existence and that we can run in the 2025 parliamentary elections


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